Stan Wawrinka likely ends Andy Murray's French Open singles career

In a battle of aging greats, Stan Wawrinka defeated Andy Murray in the first round of the French Open.
Andy Murray's French Open career might be over
Andy Murray's French Open career might be over / Mateo Villalba/GettyImages

By the end of the match, both Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka were limping. Murray's knee appeared to be bothering him, and Wawrinka was hampered by an ankle injury. Neither was likely going to make a run at the 2024 French Open - Murray had never won the event - but tennis fans deserved better than having either Murray or Wawrinka lose so early at Roland Garros.

To be fair, with Murray's form over the last few years, he might not have made it out of the first round against anyone he played. At least in losing to Wawrinka, there was no shame. Wawrinka has won just as many Grand Slams (3) as Murray has. The Swiss also had won a French Open title in 2015 and made another final in 2017. The best Murray had done was a handful of semifinals on the Paris clay.

Murray has said he does not see himself playing much beyond this summer. He might want to try for the Olympics as he has been successful there and has been open about his love of representing Great Britain at the games.

Stan Wawrinka ends Andy Murray's run at the French Open in the first round

Wawrinka is no longer a threat to win Grand Slams but seems to be the Energizer Bunny. He keeps playing and playing, and while he has suffered his share of injuries as well, he has never dropped in form as much as Murray. He has remained slightly better than Murray over the last few years.

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This includes ending Murray's French Open run for the third straight time. The match was close through two sets as Wawrinka took those 6-4 6-4 but Murray did not seem to have a real shot of winning. Wawrinka moved slightly better and his ability to get to balls Murray physically could not were the difference in the match. The final set went to Wawrinka 6-2.

The chances of Murray returning to the French Open and participating in singles are slim. Sadly, with his injury history and form, tennis fans might prefer that he not return. He is better remembered as the great player he once was instead of the shell of a player he currently is.

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