Taylor Fritz's girlfriend makes the strangest revelation about John McEnroe

Nothing like falling asleep to the sound of John, I guess.
Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

John McEnroe does not have the most grating voice. Sure, when he gets mad he gets a bit bombastic and his voice sounds a bit scary, but he doesn't exactly sound like he swallowed sandpaper and washed that sound with sharp knives. But when Taylor Fritz's girlfriend, influencer Morgan Riddle, revealed she recently went to sleep with the sound of McEnroe reading her a bedtime story, that seemed odd.

Even in context, the story is strange. As it turns out, in 2019 McEnroe and Calm collaborated on a project where McEnroe did the voiceover for a bedtime story called But Seriously, the Rules of Tennis in which the tennis great reads lesser-known rules of the sport. To you or me, this might not put us to sleep as we might be extremely intrigued by some forgotten rules, but Riddle did not see it this way.

After Taylor Fritz won the Delray Beach Open title this past weekend, Riddle (and possibly Fritz too, but there is no information on whether he was also listening to McEnroe) relaxed later that night listening to McEnroe's voice reading the bedtime story. Riddle revealed this in an Instagram post. She also added another confession.

John McEnroe's voice reads to Taylor Fritz's girlfriend, Morgan Riddle

The post read, "Perfect. I’ve actually always wanted Johnny Mac to read me a bedtime story. This is too good." I am sure most of us would agree.

Part of the story has McEnroe reading, "Sit back and relax; letting your eyes fall gently closed. Picture yourself resting on a comfy grass court, as the summer breeze drifts by and birds call out in the distance, enjoying the game from their perfect vantage point."

If one wasn't a tennis fan (and Morgan Riddle clearly is and not just because she likes Taylor Fritz; she obviously knows some of the history of the sport), trying to fall asleep to John McEnroe reading a bedtime story would be weird. How would this person have stumbled across the story, to begin with? Secondly, why would they have chosen McEnroe as the bedtime story?

But if one is a tennis fan, listening to McEnroe's bedtime story might be too interesting to fall asleep to. Who doesn't want to know about weird rules of tennis? I certainly do.

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