Tennis fans are thrilled with the latest Andre Agassi news

The American tennis legend is back in the limelight, and fans could not be happier
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American tennis fans woke up on Wednesday morning to outstanding news. Andre Agassi will be the Laver Cup's next Team World captain. His first appearance will be at Laver Cup in September as current captain John McEnroe makes his final appearance and transitions the role to Agassi. Agassi's captainship officially begins in 2025 when the Laver Cup comes to San Francisco.

Fans have wondered when the OG's John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg (Team Europe) would hand over the reins. With Agassi assuming the role in 2025, it is natural to assume that Bjorn Borg's successor will be named soon, and Roger Federer is the leading candidate.

Agassi is excited for the opportunity to be part of a team in a largely individual sport with the best players in the world participating. He was presented with a letter from his good friend McEnroe who wished him well but also ribbed him about a childhood picture he took with Borg and his controversial autobiography Open.

Andre Agassi, along with his wife Steffi Graf, makes other news

That is not all we are getting from Agassi in the coming months. On June 28, Amazon Prime is slated to premiere a movie based on the love story between Agassi and Graf entitled "Perfect Match."

This is a relationship that began as Graf was exiting the game of tennis in 1999. Both Agassi and Graf were the 1999 French Open singles champions. Graf is the quieter of the two so she has not previously shared much about how the relationship began.

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A German actress named Lena Klenke will portray Graf; however, it is somewhat surprising that an American actor was not tapped to play Agassi. Instead, British actor Toby Sebastian who bears a strong resemblance to Agassi in his big hair days assumes the lead role.

In real life, Agassi has always played the role of humble husband to Graf whose tennis accomplishments far exceed his. The couple have two adult children and have been married for over 20 years so their partnership is working. Fans never got to see them on the court in their prime so videos of them practicing together and their foray into pickleball this year are treasured memories.

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