Tennis News: Andre Agassi, Emma Raducanu and Coco Gauff

  • Agassi reportedly getting a new job
  • How Raducanu spends her off days
  • Gauff's father gets involved
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Andre Agassi was a great watch when he played professional tennis. He also penned one of the best tennis bios you might ever read with his book, Open. But since Agassi retired in 2006, Agassi has not had a huge involvement in ATP tournaments.

That might be about to change, however. According to tennis journalist Craig Shapiro, Agassi is simply waiting for an official Laver Cup announcement that he will be named Captain of Team World. He would replace John McEnroe who had been Team World's captain since 2017.

McEnroe has been good for the event because he is an iconic player but also knows how to sell the sport well. He has also been one of the best commentators on tennis for a number of years. Agassi was also an iconic player, but he doesn't have the history of coaching or commentating that McEnroe does. Hopefully, Agassi can pick up on what he needs to do quickly.

Andre Agassi about to get a job and Emma Raducanu wants a dream day off

Sometimes it is is easy to forget that Emma Raducanu is only 21 years old. She won the US Open in 2021, but seems as if she has been an important figure on the WTA for years. So what would be many 21 year olds (and like 65 year olds) ideal day be if they aren't playing tennis? Searching social media, it appears, if they are a lot like Raducanu.

In a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, Raducanu broke down what her dream day would consist of saying, "My ideal day off would be waking up at 8 am, reading in bed, scrolling through Reels or TikToks, then showering and catching up with a friend over some window-shopping or a walk – a day off is the only time I have to do these things. Ideally, I would have a big, late lunch and be home by 5 pm to get ready for the week ahead, and have something light for dinner."

Coco Gauff gets praised from her father

In more serious news, Coco Gauff recently had a bit of a run-in with a chair umpire at the Dubai Championships. In the second set of a second-round match against Karolina Pliskova, Gauff served and her ball landed in (which was confirmed by hawk-eye) and Pliskova returned the ball into the net. Well after Pliskova had struck the ball, the chair umpire, Pierre Bacchi, called Gauff's serve out. As Pliskova returned the ball, the point should have been Gauff's.

Gauff then argued with the umpire and asked for a supervisor, which she had a right to do. Bacchi, likely realizing he was wrong, refused to allow supervisor input several times. The point being that Gauff was correct during the whole process and Bacchi was incorrect.

After the match, Gauff's father, Corey, posted a heartfelt message on Instagram of how proud he was of his daughter standing up for herself and had composed she remained. In part, Corey wrote, "So proud of my daughter. Standing up for yourself and fighting for fairness. You have the strength of your grandmothers who are 2 of the strongest women we know.

"While being passionate you remained respectful as you articulated your argument. The scene is so familiar to women and women of color pleading and fighting to be treated fairly and respectfully by their male counterparts. (You) are an incredible example to women and your generation on what it means to fight and despite not getting the outcome you wanted you stood up for yourself and successfully moved on. You are becoming the young woman I prayed for God Bless you."

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