Tennis News: Andy Murray's mom and Nick Kyrgios

  • Andy Murray retirement talk and Judy Murray is peeved
  • Nick Kyrgios gets real

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If tennis moms were given a ranking like the players are, Judy Murray, Andy Murray's mom, might be ranked at number one. She has been an ever-present of both Andy's and Andy's brother's, Jamie, tennis lives forever. But that is a good thing. She has always handled herself with grace and well-thought-out opinions. But make no mistake she does have her opinions.

Andy Murray has been getting the question posed to him about whether he is going to retire soon for seemingly the last three decades. Sure, he has struggled through injuries for much of the last seven years, but he keeps still pushing through. And, well...when he retires is his decision.

To be fair, he might have answered when he will stop playing this week. After losing at the Dubai Championships in the second round, Murray said he did not see himself playing much past this summer. That means he might retire when his run at 2024 Wimbledon ends.

Judy Murray speaks up for Andy Murray

But Judy Murray is done with all the questions. She took to X (the player formerly known as Twitter) after Murray answered questions after his Dubai loss and she laid bare her true feelings about all the questions writing, "Every single press conference he is asked the same question. When he started (on the ATP tour) it was 'ah but when r u going to win Wimbledon?' Every single time. Let him enjoy whatever time is left of his career. He is 50 in the world, has a metal hip, a bipartite patella (plus) 4 kids."

She responded to her tweet with, "And nothing to prove to anybody." Exactly. She is perfectly correct about Andy Murray, so maybe we all should just enjoy the little time he does have left.

Nick Kyrgios will return at some point

Speaking of whatever time a player has left, Nick Kyrgios has dealt with injuries for several years. He has always had the raw skills to be a top-five player but has never reached the top ten due to being hurt or simply a lack of motivation. But he might still reach that lofty ranking.

In a recent question and answer on his Instagram account, he addressed his return. He said he does want to play professionally again but there is literally no timeframe when he will come back. Kyrgios wrote, "I’m seeing improvement every day with my wrist and I’m in the middle of getting back to playing shape. I will be back. I’m not sure the exact time frame, I will be cautious and take my time. We know what happens when I’m healthy." Fair enough.

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