Tennis News: Caroline Wozniacki's dilemma and Nick Kyrgios' tease

  • Trouble brewing with Wozniacki?
  • Is Kyrgios set to return?

When Simona Halep made her return to the WTA tour at the Miami Open, one might have expected a player or five to have a comment about her coming back to play. After all, Halep had been originally banned for four years for testing positive for the substance Roxadustat but after a review of her appeal, her ban was lessened to nine months. She could play immediately due to time served.

But there was not a great outcry from players upset that, in their view, Halep might have broken the rules yet was allowed to play again. (For the record, this is not a judgment about Halep, only an assumption of how some players might react to her.) The only player who got general notice for her words on Halep's return was Caroline Wozniacki. The Dane's issue was that Halep was allowed to play at the Miami Open and was given a wild card to do so.

When asked in a press conference what her view on Halep's playing at the Miami Open was, Wozniacki responded by saying, "I’ve been very outspoken in the past about how I feel about doping and all of that. I have always wanted a clean sport, fair for everybody. I think it’s definitely still my opinion.

Caroline Wozniacki and Simona Halep, part 2? And Nick Kyrgios' return

"This is not directly at Simona, but if someone purposely cheats, if someone has tested positive for doping it’s my personal belief that I don’t think people should be awarded wild cards afterward. If you want to come back, and it’s been a mistake, I understand, you should work your way up from the bottom."

Of course, the issue is partly that Halep was not banned for (blood) doping and she has maintained her innocence of intentionally taking Roxadustat. But there could be more to this story as both Wozniacki and Halep have been given wild cards to enter the WTA 1000 Madrid Open. The tournament runs from April 22 through May 5. Will Wozniacki have more to say about Halep? Tennis fans will likely want to know.

Tennis fans might also wonder if or when Nick Kyrgios is going to return. He seemingly teased an answer on a recent episode of the AO Show podcast. But in classic Kyrgios style, he answered a question without giving any specific details and his words were still interesting. Kyrgios said, "Just hang tight. I’ll be back on court soon and I’ll give you a little bit more to cheer about, that’s for sure."

So Kyrgios sounds like he is coming back, but when and where no one really knows. That probably includes Kyrgios as well. He has had to withdraw from several tournaments over the last couple of years, just on the cusp of the event beginning, and he played just one match in 2023.

So while we hope that Kyrgios is coming back, we cannot be too sure he is actually playing until he steps on the court and hits a ball at the beginning of an ATP-sanctioned match. He is a highly entertaining player and brings eyes to TV screens because no one can be sure what he will do next. That also involves whether he will ever play tennis again.

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