Tennis News: Iga Swiatek is the new Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev's outburst

  • Swiatek might be on the Nadal path
  • Medvedev's outburst gets former No. 1's attention
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Iga Swiatek is still only 22 years old even though it might appear she has been winning at a high level on the WTA tour for ten years. She has already won four Grand Slams and she simply does not lose once she gets into a major final. Swiatek stays composed and poised and plays so coolly that some might think she does not care if she wins or loses.

This could not be further from the truth, however. Swiatek even played a bit of mind games - whether she admits to it or not and she certainly does not have to - when she wore a red dress to the WTA Finals late last year while everyone else wore white. Swiatek was at the event to prove she was special and regain her No. 1 ranking and she did both.

But she might even be better in the future and potentially reach a level that only Rafael Nadal has done at the French Open. Nadal has an incredible 14 titles at Roland Garros and won his first French Open at age 19. He holds a ridiculous 112-3 record at the event.

Iga Swiatek could get close to Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev's loses his temper

Swiatek was also 19 when she won her first major which was also at the French Open. She is 28-2 at Roland Garros and has already won three times at Roland Garros and has four Grand Slam victories far. While Swiatek likely won't equal Nadal's overall record at the French, she could come close to Nadal's total number of wins.

One player very unlikely to ever win even one French Open is Daniil Medvedev. The Russian is a great player overall, but clay is not his best surface. He has only reached even the quarterfinals once at the French Open and lost in the first round five times. But it was his behavior at another clay-court tournament, the Monte-Carlo Masters, that got people's attention this week. This is especially true for former WTA No. 1 Justine Henin.

During a match with Gael Monfils, Medvedev was upset about two different line calls that did not go his way early in the second set. This boiled over into a rant toward chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani. Medvedev's words could have been harsher, but he was demonstratively upset. This is what Henin had an issue with and spoke on Eurosport about Medvedev's behavior.

Henin said, "How is it possible to put yourself in this state?...Of course, a refereeing error is never pleasant. But the players themselves fail quite a few times during a match, making quite a few mistakes. It remains human. This lack of self-control in these moments remains quite impressive."

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