Tennis News: Maria Timofeeva gets robbed and Iga Swiatek doesn't want to talk

  • Timofeeva suffers the same fate
  • Swiatek doesn't want to talk about an all-time great's decision
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Playing tennis can be hazardous to one's health and joint issues are common. If one plays as much as a professional player injuries are going to happen. Recently, however, there has been a rash of other types of injuries for players: Financial ones.

Grigor Dimitrov and Sebastian Korda have both had problems with having expensive watches taken straight off their bodies while they were driving or riding in cars. A person on a motorbike comes up and takes the watch in broad daylight. Maria Timofeeva has had another type of robbery take place to her and she recently went on her Instagram account to ask for help.

The issue seems to stem from money being taken from her bank account while she still has her bank card on her, at least most of the time. Twice in the past six months, the problem has occurred and most recently an amount of nearly $11,000 (10,000 in euros) was stolen. To make the situation stranger, both times she has had money taken from her account, the Russian has been in Spain.

Maria Timofeeva gets money stolen again and Iga Swiatek wants people to calm down about Rafael Nadal

If one happens to be traveling in Spain, one may need to be careful, one can assume. Or potentially something else is afoot and the money is being stolen by someone somewhere else who knows Timofeeva is in Spain. Hopefully, that last case is not the truth, though. That would be creepy.

In completely other news, the "will he or won't he" talk about if or when Rafael Nadal will retire is something Iga Swiatek is seemingly tired of. Swiatek could be on a path to 22 Grand Slams, like Nadal, herself and maybe how people won't leave the retirement question alone about the Spaniard is something that Swiatek does not want to hear when she is closer to retirement many years from now.

Nadal is still working his way back into form ahead of the French Open but after missing most scheduled events earlier this year, Nadal played a bit better this past week at the Madrid Masters. He might not be in the kind of form it takes to win the French Open, but he still has another month to prepare.

Either way, Swiatek wants people to stop hounding Nadal about when he might quit for good.

Speaking in a press conference during her own run at the Madrid Masters, the WTA No. 1 said of Nadal, "I just want people to take it easy and let him do it his way. People expect him to do something spectacular, but honestly, Rafa has to take care of himself and I hope he does. I don't want to talk about whether this will be Nadal's last match or tournament because it's his decision and it's been hard for him. It's very professional, but I don't know how my brain would respond to knowing that I'm playing my last match."

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