Tennis News: Nick Kyrgios' rumored return and Gael Monfils claps back

  • A reporter leaks a potential plan for Kyrgios
  • Monfils swings back at some disrespect
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Nick Kyrgios has only played once since the beginning of 2023. He has battled various injuries and had knee surgery. The Australian has seemingly never been driven to play in most tournaments, instead playing whenever he feels close to 100 percent and when he is in the mood. That is not meant as a slight to Kyrgios; he has the right to play where and when he wants to.

The frustrating part for Kyrgios fans, though, is that he always appears just on the cusp of returning. He has rarely made comments that he is definitely returning at a certain event. One of these times was at Wimbledon last year, but Kyrgios withdrew just before the Grand Slam was set to begin due to a wrist injury.

While not playing, Kyrgios has started a fantastic podcast called Good Trouble With Nick Kyrgios and has spent a little time as a broadcast commentator. During the ATP Finals last year, Kyrgios helped break things down for the Tennis Channel and he was excellent. If Kyrgios decides to retire and simply commentate full-time, he would be very good for the sport.

Nick Kyrgios possibly set to return and Gael Monfils fights back

But Kyrgios might still want to play. According to freelance reporter John Horn, the Australian is aiming for a return close to the US Open. This would mean he skips Wimbledon and begins playing possibly at the Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati in August. If all goes well, he could make it into the US Open.

Another player who gets his share of disrespect is Gael Monfils. Monfils is about to be 38 years old and is likely close to the end of his career, but he has long been one of the best showmen on the ATP tour. He has won 12 titles in his career, none of them Grand Slams.

Some pundits have implied that they do not think Monfils works very hard at his game, however, and that may have limited his maximum potential. Could Monfils have won a major if he had worked harder, they might ask? Maybe, but Monfils disagrees with the suggestion that he is not overly motivated.

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In a recent interview with the Guardian, Monfils said, "(Some people have said) ‘Ah, Monfils is not disciplined.' Guys, don’t think this because I’m enjoying myself on the court. The work I do outside is big. I’m lucky because some people (believed in me), but some (other) people? Let’s say you don’t really know me, I call you and you’ve heard a lot of stories, you’ve seen my personality on the court. It’s tough (to believe) when I tell you I wake up at seven, I run for two hours, that I can do this work. It’s like this. ‘Yeah, I do it.'"

An uninspired player is unlikely to win many events in his career, especially 12. One might also think an unmotivated player would not keep playing until his late 30s. Monfils has, so maybe those commenting that he doesn't like playing tennis simply do not have the correct facts.

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