The internet is full of jokes at Casper Ruud's expense

Ruud is not known for his stellar grass court play, and the internet is capitalizing on it
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Hopefully, Casper Ruud has a sense of humor because the internet is having a field day with humorous jokes about his grass court play.

Ruud is not known for excelling on grass evidenced by his best Wimbledon finishes which entailed making it to the second round in 2022 and 2023.

However, the World No. 8 who turned pro in 2015 has enjoyed success overall with 246 career wins and 12 titles; two of those titles were won in 2024.

Casper Ruud's game has not translated well on the grass

It is well-documented that he is not as comfortable on grass as he is on other surfaces especially clay so the internet is not poking fun at something that is not factual.

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One of the funniest jokes compares the degrees with which meat is cooked to Ruud's appearances on grass. Rare is the consensus that describes both Ruud on grass and extremely undercooked red meat.

Ruud does not avoid his least favorite surface but admittedly when fans see or think of him, they do not envision him on it. In fact, he does practice on grass which fans seemed to enjoy pointing out how unusual it is to see Ruud anywhere near the grass court.

It is worth noting that we love Casper Ruud, and his recent collaboration with Dior fits him better than playing on the grass.

He was recently spotted with his girlfriend Maria Galligani at Vogue World in Paris.

Here is hoping that the internet jokes pertaining to Casper Ruud's grasscourt career officially break the cycle of bad luck for him on the surface at Wimbledon. It would be great for Ruud to hoist the Wimbledon trophy as his maiden Grand Slam when absolutely no one in the world would expect it.

Check out Ruud's draw when the Wimbledon draw is announced on Friday, June 28.

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