Three things to know about Australian Open semifinalist Coco Gauff

Though Coco Gauff has been on the WTA Tour for years, she continues to share new things about herself with the press.
Robert Prange/GettyImages

Coco Gauff has been on the WTA Tour for years. It is impossible to believe this articulate and classy young lady is only 19 years old. As she grows and evolves, she continues to share new insights with the press and has handled the attention and pressure with grace.

There are three recent things we learned about Gauff. We will share the backstory of the fruit salad she eats at changeovers, how her mom recently almost stole the show in her quarterfinal match, and what Gauff thinks about the potential expansion of the WTA Tour into Saudi Arabia.

When asked about the fruit salad, Gauff reflected on her younger days when her mom packed it for her to give her the energy to keep practicing and playing. It is a mixture of cut fresh fruit, applesauce, and Gatorade/Pedialyte. Speaking of her mom who is always in the stands supporting her, she enjoyed a fun moment during her daughter's quarterfinal match when she caught Gauff's ball in the stands.

Coco Gauff talks about Saudi Arabia potentially hosting the WTA Finals.

Gauff is not afraid to speak her mind on more serious topics. The WTA has been deliberating about holding the WTA Finals in Saudi Arabia for the past couple of years. In a last-ditch move in 2023, they scheduled the event in Cancun. The Cancun situation was not great for the players or fans, but Gauff is glad the WTA did not make the rash decision to go to Saudi Arabia in 2023. If they go there, Gauff hopes there is an opportunity to improve the situation for women and families.

She added that the communication between the WTA and the players has improved but does not know if the players would get a final say on any upcoming decisions about this issue. Past and present players have come forth with strong opinions on this matter so it is unclear how the WTA will handle it.