Yo Emma Navarro raps!

Navarro shares a surprising talent as the rookie member of USA's Billie Jean King Cup team
Rich Storry/GettyImages

Emma Navarro continues to surprise tennis fans. In addition to an outstanding 2024 that has launched her up the rankings (currently at World No. 21), she has off-the-court talents that are equally impressive.

Navarro unleashed her rapping skills at the US BJK team rookie member had to write a rap to welcome its opponent, USA's Billie Jean King Cup welcoming ceremony for Team Belgium in Orlando. She stepped up to the microphone and said that she thought it was a joke when she was told that a rookie member of the USA BJK team had to write a rap to welcome its opponent so she ignored it.

Navarro later learned it was a serious request and wrote the rap in the car on the way to the event. It had rhythm, humor, and showed fans that Navarro's only talent is not tennis.

Her rap was met with cheers and laughter

When she was half-way through, she warned that there was more. She dellivered in a big way, and it makes us feel a little bad for the next person that has to do this after her because it will be a tough act to follow.

Navarro is an interesting person. She likes to do her talking with her tennis racquet, but she is opening up to the media and showing them her personality. Navarro is always generous with her time, ready to enjoy a laugh, and is honest and straightforward with her answers in press conferences.

Her game is equally interesting. It is athletic and displays a high tennis IQ with strategy and shot selection. Her athleticism is different than Coco Gauff's. Gauff can run everything down; whereas, Navarro finds a way to make the right shot at the right time from net or the baseline and somehow makes it look easy.

Somehow we think Lindsay Davenport, the BJK Team USA Captain, may find a way to get Navarro to rap again. She also could be rapping her way to Paris as part of the USA's Olympic team this summer. She will play singles, but a possibility of a mixed doubles teaming with Ben Shelton exists after their Eisenhower Cup victory in March. That's pretty amazing considering she was a University of Virginia tennis player less than 18 months ago and is taking the WTA Tour by storm. The biggest win of her career happened at Indian Wells last month over World No. 2 Aryna Sabalenka. Still, many more are expected for the soon-to-be 23-year-old native of Charleston, South Carolina.

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