Fandom 250 Rankings: Roger Federer Cracks Into Top 100

Roger Federer is one of the greatest athletes to ever live. He is arguably the best tennis player alive and deserves his place in the Fandom 250 rankings.

The Fandom 250 rankings see two tennis legends top the list and one of those is Roger Federer. Arguably the greatest tennis player to have ever lived, Federer continues to win big tournaments well into his 30s. Just last year, the Swiss veteran took home yet another title at the Australian Open. He remains atop the men’s singles rankings and he does so with poise. Federer commands a fanbase unlike any other in the sport.

Federer is a role model to fans and players alike. All look up to him on the ATP World Tour, WTA Tour, and around the sport. The epitome of sportsmanship, Federer’s place in the Fandom 250 rankings is much deserved. He comes in overall at number 97.

The only tennis player ahead of the Swiss legend this year is American Serena Williams. She is your number seven overall on the list. We break down why Williams is as high as she is in the Fandom 250 rankings here.

Roger Federer: #97 in this year’s Fandom 250 rankings.


On social media, Federer has one of the largest followings. Everywhere he goes, the Swiss great garners support. He is a mentor to players and all of the fans looking up to him.

When Federer ultimately retires, his name will remain in just about any conversation surrounding the sport of tennis. Coming in at number 97 in the Fandom 250 rankings, Federer is also the number 11 in terms of sports figures.

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As the ATP World Tour and tennis in general is being overtaken by Serbian great Novak Djokovic yet again, Roger Federer still remains in the mix. His ability to compete at his age proves just how legendary he really is. Federer is an icon and has given us so many historic moments over the year. His fans recognize this and that’s why he cracks the Top 100 in the 2018 Fandom 250 rankings.