Wimbledon: 2023 prize money will be a record high

Mandatory Credit: Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports /

Wimbledon is a just few weeks away and Novak Djokovic (likely with a big test from Carlos Alcaraz or, who knows?, Casper Rudd again) will continue his quest for a calendar Grand Slam. No matter who wins, though, record prize money is involved. And that doesn’t just go for the winners of the tournament. That goes for everyone.

Let’s say you manage to have gotten into the opening round at Wimbledon (and really, good for you!) and you need to pay for your flight home after your early exit from the third Grand Slam tournament of the year. Well, you are in luck!

Wimbledon will be raising the earnings of first-round losers by 10 percent to $69,500 (55,000 pounds if you aren’t American and most people are not). That’s clearly enough for a flight home with maybe a detour vacation. Bulgaria is beautiful this time of year, for instance.

Wimbledon prize money increases for 2023

But you might be thinking you have a real chance to win the whole tournament, possibly. If you really think that and you are reading this article, then let me just say “thanks” and I am not worthy. Yet, I might also be asking for a small loan if you do win the grand prize.

The most excellent thing is that whether you win on the men’s side or the women’s side at Wimbledon, you get paid the same. That amount in 2023 is 2.35 million pounds (or $3 million American). That is an increase of 11.2 percent over 2022 and the same level it was prior to the onset of the COVID pandemic. Because of COVID, the winners’ earnings dropped to 1.7 million pounds ($2.152 million American) in 2021 and 2 million pounds ($2.5 million in the U.S.) in 2022.

Also, let’s be honest. I don’t know why I keep putting the American dollars in this article. Unless the winner is going to take a vacation to the United States soon after the tournament then the exchange doesn’t really matter because we know that no American is going to win the tournament on either the women’s or men’s side.

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If you come in as the runner-up (or as Jerry Seinfeld might joke, “First loser”), you will make a cool 1.175 million pounds. That’s not chump change either. And don’t worry, I might also be asking you for a loan too. The total prize money for the tournament, by the way, is a record high of 44.7 million pounds, up 17.1 percent compared to 2019.