Carlos Alcaraz among three takeaways from Wimbledon

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American men’s tennis still has a long way to go

Having highly successful American men’s tennis players is good for tennis. I don’t write that simply because I am an American and want Americans to win. That’s not the case. But the United States is also a wealthy country where people have a lot of time and money to watch and spend on sport. Having a top-five American man who consistently fights to win majors would be a good thing because more Americans would watch.

Coming into Wimbledon, the United States fielded 13 players on the men’s side with five of those players being seeded. Heck, Taylor Fritz and Frances Tiafoe are currently even ranked in the top 10 (number 9 and 10, respectively) and their games should translate well to tennis as both have excellent serves. While no American man was truly expected to get to the finals, it would have been nice had any other ranked players gotten past the third round, but none did.

One American did make it to the quarterfinals, however. That was Chris Eubanks who few had heard of before Wimbledon. It would be fantastic if Eubanks continued his recent run of relative success, though, and he has an excellent life story and his style of play is extremely likable.

But Eubanks also has a limited game where if his serve is off at all, he’s not going to win. Tiafoe has a fairly well-rounded game but his ceiling isn’t anywhere close to Carlos Alcaraz on an off day. Hopefully, soon, American tennis will get its next Pete Sampras or Andre Agassi.