Almost time for Wozniacki’s return and Kyrgios kind of coaches Tiafoe

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We are inching closer to the start of the US Open at the end of August, and this means we are even closer to the return of Caroline Wozniacki. This is only part of your tennis news for Monday.

Wozniacki was ranked number 1 for 71 between 2010 and 2011. She hasn’t played professionally for a bit over three-and-a-half years. But in late June, she announced she is ready to return to the WTA tour. She will definitely play in the US Open, barring an unforeseen circumstance, but fans on Wozniacki’s get to see her return soon than late August.

Wozniacki accepted a wild card to play in the National Bank Open in Montreal and that tournament starts in two weeks. Fitness might be a challenge for Wozniacki, as it would any player who has taken so much time off, so I am unsure what to expect from her in her first tournament, but how great would it be if she made a surprisingly deep run at the US Open?

Wozniacki has always played with joy for the sport. She is a smart player on the court and she’s still only 32 years old. With a little luck, she could get back to the top 10 early in 2024.

Caroline Wozniacki and Nick Kyrgios are in the tennis news on Monday

Nick Kyrgios is currently dealing with a wrist injury and isn’t competing in matches. But he still wanted to participate somehow in the Ultimate Tennis Showdown this past weekend in Los Angeles. Kyrgios ended up “coaching” top-ten ATP player Frances Tiafoe.

If you aren’t familiar with the Ultimate Tennis Showdown (or UTS), it started in 2020 when tournaments were having to be canceled due to COVID. This tournament, which is not an ATP event, allowed players to still get together. But there are some weird rules, like instead of sets there are timed quarters, a 15-second serve clock, and players can use “cards” at times to be used to do things like taking an opponent’s second serve away. It’s weird.

Tiafoe’s coach was unavailable over the weekend, so Kyrgios sat in for a time for Tiafoe during his match against Alexander Bublik. Bublik played consistently well with his forehand and defeated Tiafoe. But this didn’t stop Kyrgios from doing Kyrgios things like getting emotionally involved and yelling during the match.

That might sound awful, but it was really all just for fun and Kyrgios knows how to put on a show. But if his coaching style is anything like he showed this weekend, he might not be getting jobs any time soon.

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