Tennis News: Novak Djokovic, Coco Gauff and Cold War Kids

(Photo by JOSE JORDAN/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by JOSE JORDAN/AFP via Getty Images) /

We are a bit in between big tournaments right now, but the San Diego Open is still going on on the WTA tour, and the Davis Cup has some events on the ATP tour. But Novak Djokovic made some news by making a major move on his team. Plus, Coco Gauff dances excellently, and the Cold War Kids singer takes his racket on the road.

Let’s start with the Novak Djokovic bit. He has reportedly, and surprisingly, decided to part ways with longtime agent and manager Eduardo Artaldi. There was no reason given for the change, but Sportskeeda reporter Sas Ozmo tweeted that there is a possibility that Artaldi will stay on Djokovic’s team in some other fashion.

Artaldi has been with Novak Djokovic since just after Djokovic won his first Grand Slam in 2008. Artaldi was working for an Italian clothing brand, Tacchini, when Novak Djokovic signed with them, and when Djokovic switched clothing brands, Artaldi went with him. Maybe Djoko is just trying to rework his team in preparation for life after tennis, but that’s just me guessing.

Novak Djokovic changes his agent and Coco Gauff dances

Meanwhile, Djokovic could conceivably play in the Davis Cup. His Serbian team is playing Spain this week.

Coco Gauff dances!

Coco Gauff is all the rage in American tennis currently. She won the US Open and plays with emotion and yet poise. She appears much older than 19 years old. She is playing very much like she is the next dominant player on the WTA tour and Americans love when American women dominate the WTA.

But recently on TikTok, Gauff can be seen showing her parents a popular move. She’s great at dancing, but her parents not so much. Yet. I’m sure Coco Gauff will keep working with them to improve.

Cold War Kids’ Nathan Willett loves tennis

Nathan Willett, singer and guitarist for the excellent band, Cold War Kids, grew up in southern California playing soccer (or real football). The 43-year-old picked up tennis during the COVID pandemic, however. He needed something new to do as his band could not go out touring during the time, and he fell in love with the sport.

Now he takes his racket every time Cold War Kids goes out on the road and finds a place to watch the big matches too. According to a recent interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune, Willett hung out in catering to watch the Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz Wimbledon final and was screaming with joy at the TV. In other words, Nathan Willett might be a rock star but he is just like the rest of us.

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