Tennis News: Andy Murray ‘not really enjoying’ tennis right now

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Andy Murray hasn’t won a tournament since 2019. He last won a Grand Slam event in 2016 (Wimbledon). He’s been fun and many times stressful to watch, but injuries took their toll and reduced his ability to win at a high level. Andy Murray was probably just born at the wrong time too.

If Murray had been playing in nearly any other era of tennis – an era that didn’t include Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal – the three majors Murray won might have been more like eight or more. He had a bombastic forehand, a decent serve, and moved around the court well, especially early in his career.

Though Andy Murray and Djokovic are both 36 years old, Murray seems so much older. He was never the player Djokovic has been anyway, but while Djokovic is still competing for major titles, Murray seems like he is playing because he simply might love doing so. But that’s the thing. According to Murray, he isn’t enjoying himself right now.

Andy Murray struggling to enjoy tennis right now

This week at the Rolex Paris Masters, Murray lost to Aussie Alex de Minaur in three sets. That shouldn’t really shock Murray as he has lost to de Minaur in all six meetings between the two players. The issue with this week’s match, though, was that it was extremely tight and a better-played point here or three by Murray might have meant a win for him.

But Andy Murray, never one to hide his emotions on the court, became rageful. At one point he knocked the drinks off his bench and after the final point, he slammed his racket on the court. Not a great teaching lesson for any children who might be watching the match (WTA player and de Minaur’s girlfriend, Katie Boulter, didn’t care for the match either), but for the adults looking on, it’s a Murray we’ve come to know well.

After the match, however, Murray implied he might not be playing for too much longer. Said Murray, “I’m not really enjoying it just now in terms of how I feel on the court and how I’m playing. The last five, six months haven’t been that enjoyable, so I need to try to find some of that enjoyment back because playing a match like that there’s not much positivity there.”

That’s a problem, though, isn’t it? A player like Andy Murray who has reached the level of success he has – 46 career titles and being ranked No. 1 – would likely struggle with just kind of hanging on. But that’s what the currently No. 40 ranked Murray is doing. And for tennis fans, most of us would probably rather see Murray not play than see him slowly fade away.

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