Tennis News: Chris Evert, Matthew Perry and Carlos Alcaraz

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Chris Evert is one of the best ambassadors the sport of tennis has. She is an excellent commentator during matches, and she was also one of the players of her era, of course. Chris Evert also does her best to talk up tournaments and get people enthused about WTA events.

Evert also is involved in a lot of activities away from professional tennis, too. One of these is a drug prevention charity event she holds in Florida almost every year. The event partly involves celebrities who donate their time to play a bit of tennis to help raise money. Matthew Perry, who died suddenly last week, actually played in a couple of different years at the event.

Perry, famous for playing Chandler Bing on Friends, also was a fairly decent junior player when he was growing up in Canada. Though he admitted he wasn’t good enough to ever play professionally, he also said he never stopped playing for fun. Perry also wanted to be around the game and befriended many tennis players. He also wanted to help people involved in tennis, such as Chris Evert, with various causes.

Chris Evert talks Matthew Perry and Carlos Alcaraz claims illness

A fan on X (or Twitter, depending on where you live) recently asked Chris Evert if Matthew Perry had ever hit the ball with Evert. She confirmed he had helped with her drug prevention event.

In more news, Carlos Alcaraz, who has been struggling more recently than maybe at any point in his short career so far, said not only did he play poorly in his loss in the second round of the Rolex Paris Masters to Roman Safiullin, but he was also ill. In fact, he wanted the fact known that he appeared to be sick so much that repeated that he didn’t feel well in the same short answer in the post-match press conference.

Said Alcaraz, “I just didn’t feel well, you know, on the court. A lot of things to improve, a lot of things to practice. You know, I didn’t feel well, you know, in the game. I think I didn’t move well.”

So, he didn’t feel well or he didn’t move well? To be sure, Carlos Alcaraz has had to make more excuses lately than celebrate victories.

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