Actress Zendaya and Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush's tennis fandom will attract new fans

New eyes on women's tennis is a win-win
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Zendaya and Reggie Bush, in their unique ways, are shining the light on women's tennis and could bring new fans to the sport. Women's sports are currently experiencing a well-deserved boost in popularity with Caitlin Clark's success in college basketball so women's tennis should figure out ways to ride basketball's coattails to gain new fans. After all, the talent, drama, and athleticism are present in tennis just as they are in women's college and now professional basketball with Clark's recent move to the WNBA.

Zendaya is on an extensive press junket for her tennis-themed movie "Challengers" in theaters on April 26. Some may think that her tennis fandom is motivated by her promotional efforts for her movie. That is not the case. Zendaya has shown us that her love of the sport goes deeper, recently admitting that she has never met Coco Gauff but is inspired by her.

She also paid homage to American tennis legends Venus and Serena Williams by recreating an iconic photo of the sisters in matching Carolina Herrera gowns. This photo graced the covers of Vogue as the Williams sisters were just beginning to make their mark on the sport.

Reggie Bush is a tennis dad

While Zendaya found the sport through work, USC and Heisman Trophy legend Reggie Bush is embracing tennis as a tennis dad, something parents of children in athletics can relate to. His daughter Briseis not only plays the sport but has aspirations for a professional career.

Reggie is taking Briseis to Wimbledon this summer, but the 10-year-old hopes that is not her only trip.
Two of Briseis's favorite players are Naomi Osaka and Coco Gauff who they plan to watch at Wimbledon on this summer's trip. Then, she wants to go back as a player.

Though he was a legendary running back and is a good golfer, his tennis skills are not at that level. He attempted to work with his daughter on her serve to dismal results. Then, he called in the pros, and Briseis is now working with Cecil Mamiit, a 1999 Top 75 player.

The more eyes on women's tennis from unexpected places, the better for the longevity and success of the sport.

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