Andy Murray and Boris Becker share a completely correct unpopular opinion

The ATP needs to add a Masters 1000 on this continent.

Andy Cheung/GettyImages

Tennis is made better when greats like Andy Murray and Boris Becker give their opinions about what the sport should do in the future. Maybe the ATP won't listen if there is not good money involved, but if the organization truly wants to grow the sport they will listen when Murray and Becker speak. Or as in the case of this particular article, what Murray and Becker tweeted.

For anyone who has watched any of the recent tournaments in South America, you will have noticed how fantastic the crowd has been. They are knowledgeable, passionate, and good for the game. One might feel as if they are watching a David Cup match rather than an ATP 250 event which most of the South American tournaments are.

There is only one ATP 500 event in South America currently and that is the Rio Open. But surely there are enough people showing up to tournaments on the continent and buying concessions and souvenirs where the events are making good money. The ATP certainly would not lose money if they placed an ATP 1000 event in Brazil or Argentina and they would be growing the sport by doing so.

Andy Murray and Boris Becker agree that South America needs a Masters 1000 event

Unfortunately, while Andy Murray thinks this should happen, he also feels as if that opinion is unpopular among ATP officials. On a recent X (the artist formerly known as Twitter) post, Murray gave a strong opinion about a Masters 1000 tournament in South America. He also got backed up by Boris Becker.

Murray wrote, "Unpopular opinion. South America should have its own dedicated swing on the tennis tour with its own masters series. The way the fans support the tournaments there is incredible. Amazing atmospheres and is clearly part of their sporting culture. Vamos (at) ATP Tour!"

He is 100 percent correct. Many tournaments seem to simply hold events because they get TV money. But the South American audience actually appears to greatly care about what is happening on the court. They are excellent sports fans and adding a Masters 1000 is only going to enhance the popularity of the spot.

Becker agreed with Murray's post, writing, "Why unpopular?!? You’re absolutely right about your opinion Andy! Tennis should go to countries/continents where tennis is booming…"

Exactly. Make it happen, please, ATP. The sport needs it to.

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