Andy Murray's injury has ominous Rafael Nadal vibes

Murray suffered an ankle injury in Miami likely requiring an extended absence from the sport


Andy Murray is a warrior. The latest example is Murray finishing his match at the Miami Open (a 3-hour and 28-minute grueling three-set third- round loss to Tomas Machac) despite suffering a serious ankle injury.

Murray shared on social media that he suffered a full rupture of his Anterior Talo-Fibular Ligament and a near-full rupture of his Calcaneofibular Ligament in his left ankle. This is a serious injury that requires an "extended absence."

He has already vowed to return and has jokingly said he will be back with a metal hip and no ankle ligaments, but a timetable for return is unknown. Many fans hope to see him at Wimbledon this summer.

Murray's injury gives fans awful Rafael Nadal vibes

When Rafael Nadal injured his hip in early 2023, he was out for an extended period and the whole world was hoping he would make it back for the French Open. Nadal kept withdrawing from key clay court events leading up to Roland Garros before ultimately staying out of the sport for the entire year to recuperate. We also have seen very little of him in 2024 as he continues to deal with physical issues.

Murray's injury is severe, and we have seen from Nadal that the body does not recover for these elite athletes in their mid-30s like it once did. We hope and pray to see Murray back at Wimbledon in 2024. For months, people have asked him about his retirement plans instead of just enjoying his tennis and passion for the sport each time he walked on the court. Now they have even more to speculate about.

In the meantime, we are throwing it back to the second round when Murray landed the ultimate lob. People wondered if anyone else could make such an expert lob, and his mother, Judy Murray, chimed in saying she was "pretty sure" she could.

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