Carlos Alcaraz reveals the identity of his favorite WTA player

Alcaraz, vague on court when asked about watching WTA tennis, reluctantly came clean in his press conference
Andy Cheung/GettyImages

After a recent match, Jim Courier asked Carlos Alcaraz in his on-court interview if he watched tennis when he was not playing. When Alcaraz answered yes, Courier asked the followup question of whether Alcaraz watches the WTA. Alcaraz admitted that he did but was vague about who he followed closely on the WTA Tour.

There was a bit of backlash on social media over Alcaraz's answer. Some thought Alcaraz was not being genuine and truthfully had no interest in following the women's game or the WTA.

In his press conference later in the day, he was pushed to provide more details. At that time, he admitted who his favorite player was and shared a little more information about himself.

Carlos Alcaraz's favorite WTA player is Emma Raducanu

Alcaraz should have rattled off the names of the top five seeds and put this question to bed before the press conference, but fresh from his match win, he probably was not thinking clearly about this topic.

By not answering, he was forced to address it further. He reluctantly admitted that Emma Raducanu is his favorite player. He also indicated that he is "shy with girls" and that he was "afraid of the reaction with the public" if he mentioned her name.

The public will now try to force the narrative that Alcaraz and Raducanu are the next tennis power couple. We already have Tsitsidosa, also known as Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitispas, who are not shy about sharing their love affair. We need to let Alcaraz and Raducanu's personal lives alone and allow them to concentrate on tennis. Both are in their early twenties and are navigating early adulthood and a career as a professional athlete. And though Jim Courier normally conducts great interviews, he needs to refrain from asking these types of uncomfortable questions in the future.

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