Carlos Alcaraz shows off his sense of humor

Alcaraz responds on social media to news about his namesake Carlos Alcaraz the soccer player
2024 Australian Open - Day 5
2024 Australian Open - Day 5 / Cameron Spencer/GettyImages

Tennis fans like me were very confused upon hearing that Carlos Alcaraz was signed by the Italian soccer club Juventus for the remainder of the football season. We know that tennis's Alcaraz has soccer skills. Could this be the same Carlos Alcaraz?

That's when I learned there are two famous athletes named Carlos Alcaraz. Each is in his early 20s (tennis Carlos is 20, and soccer Carlos is 21), of Spanish descent (soccer's Alcaraz is Argentinian), and a world-class professional athlete.

Adding to the irony is that the soccer's Alcaraz was in Turin, Italy, to celebrate the big news. Turin is the home of the ATP Finals where tennis fans hope to see our Carlos Alcaraz later in the year.. While they could not pass for twins, the two even have similar facial features. Tennis's Alcaraz was not going to miss the opportunity to post a message on social media to remind us of his sense of humor hinting that he would try to fill the shoes of his soccer counterpart.

What Carlos Alcaraz said

On the Instagram announcement welcoming Alcaraz to Juventus, Carlos Alcaraz wrote: "I'll try my Best. Thanks for the trust." He ended the post with a laughing emoji.

Juventus responded to Alcaraz letting him know they have a number for him. As the Tennis Channel noted, everyone hopes that the most famous Italian tennis player Jannik Sinner is not offended by Juventus's attention to the tennis Alcaraz.

Fans need to see the two Carlos Alcarazs together, maybe one watching the other play his sport. It is uncanny that they share the same name and are highly skilled in their professions. This is another reason for us to call tennis's Alcaraz "Carlitos", his nickname since childhood, to distinguish the two.

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