Casper Ruud and Alex de Minaur speak up

Ruud and de Minaur want to see changes made for the players

Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Casper Ruud and Alex de Minaur have spoken up about changes they want to see for the players. Ruud let a chair umpire know his thoughts about the Miami Open conditions, and de Minaur weighed in on social media on the ongoing tennis balls dilemma.

Ruud's issue is with the Miami Open. He told the chair umpire that the tournament is "too cheap" to have towels and cold water in the off-court changing room. Ruud describes it as an empty trailer with a plastic chair and explains that the players coming to the tournament deserve better. The chair umpire told him that he did not know of the situation, and Ruud agreed that he would not. Then, he made the most troubling comment that when players complain, nothing gets done. He wanted the chair umpire's help to get changes made with the powers that be.

Casper Ruud does not appear to be a guy that demands much so he is a credible source of what the players are experiencing behind the scenes in Miami. Apparently, during the Sunshine Double, Indian Wells goes above and beyond to accommodate the players so playing in Miami immediately afterward is quite the contrast.

Ruud spoke publicly while de Minaur shared his thoughts on social media

Alex de Minaur responded directly to a Tennis Channel tweet explaining the balls used at the Sunshine Double. Indian Wells used Penn, and the Miami Open is using Dunlap. A lack of uniformity in the tennis balls used in tournaments has been linked to player injuries in the shoulder, arm, and wrist. Each tournament decides which balls to use, and the choice is typically related to sponsorship and financial implications.

The TC tweet asked if the tours should agree on one ball for the entire season. De Minaur replied with an emphatic please and a series of prayer hand emojis.

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