Chris Evert asks the question about 'Barbie' we all should be asking

'Barbie' got snubbed in a couple of Oscar categories.
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Barbie, you know it, you've seen it, and you love it, right? The movie was extremely well written, perfectly acted, and fantastically directed. But while a couple of actors received Oscar nominations for the film, the most important ones - Best Director and Best Picture - did not. Many of us noticed, and that includes Chris Evert.

Chris Evert gave a simple, but perfect, response on X (the social media artist formerly known as Twitter) to a post about Barbie being left out of the running for Best Picture and Greta Gerwig for Best Director. The post Chris Evert replied to was also pretty funny, too, however. Moms Demand Action founder tweeted, "Greta Gerwig: Made a critically acclaimed, culturally profound, feminist movie about Barbie and the patriarchy that made a billion dollars at the box office. Oscar nomination goes to … Ken."

Evert responded with "I’m sorry; how is this...Possible???" followed by an anger emoji. And Evert's question is a logical one.

Chris Evert speaks up about Barbie being snubbed

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences did find its way to nominating one female director, at least. Justine Triet who directed Anatomy of a Fall was nominated, but apparently having two worthy female directors get nominated for the Best Director Oscar was far too much. Both should have been.

Evert is no stranger to speaking out about issues where she feels female athletes are getting short-changed. The all-time tennis great champions many WTA tournaments and helps raise the level of viewership. While Evert knows of her importance to women's tennis, she also wants more focus on current players. Evert does not want to be the point of a story; she wants to help others write their own narratives.

This, ironically, is exactly what Greta Gerwig did when she co-wrote Barbie. Like Chris Evert, Gerwig succeeded at a high level. Unfortunately, just like many of the excellent current WTA players, Gerwig did not get the recognition she deserves.

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