Chris Evert makes audacious prediction about Iga Swiatek and Carlos Alcaraz

Evert took to social media to make a bold prediction about Alcaraz and Swiatek, but her take is somewhat questionable.
Chris Evert at the French Open
Chris Evert at the French Open / Clive Brunskill/GettyImages

Chris Evert has earned the right to be called "classy" and "skilled." She had the talent that got her 18 major titles when she was a player. If not for World Team Tennis taking her away from Grand Slam events, she might have won several more. In fact, while Serena Williams has 24 major titles, Evert and Martina Navratilova could have equaled that number if not for WTT.

Tennis was different in the 1970s. There was less focus on the majors and more on the selling of the sport. While that seems incomprehensible now, we cannot pretend World Team Tennis was not important. The players made good money that way, legacy be damned.

Still, 18 Grand Slam wins is a lot. Iga Swiatek, who recently won her fourth French Open title, now only had five. The Pole is only 23 years old, though, and should have chances to win a lot more majors. The same can be said of Carlos Alcaraz as well. He is only 21 and has three major wins to his name.

Chris gives bold take on Iga Swiatek and Carlos Alcaraz

After both Alcaraz and Swiatek won at Roland Garros, Evert took to X/Twitter to not only congratulate them but also predict how well they will do in the future. The issue is that Evert might have been a bit too hyperbolic in her effusive praise. This caused some on social media to question exactly what she meant.

Evert wrote, "Congrats to (Swiatek) and (Alcaraz)! They’ve brought a new and higher level to the game. Forecasting double digits in Slams. They will be around for a long time!"

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As both Swiatek and Alcaraz are so young, there is a real chance that both will win double-digit Grand Slams. Swiatek could come close to equaling Evert's number of major victories. The Pole is arguably the best player on the women's side of the French Open since Evert played there.

The issue is whether Swiatek and Alcaraz have truly brought a "higher level" to the game. As many fans pointed out, saying the two young players have brought a new level to tennis discards the achievements of players such as Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer. Evert likely did not mean to imply that, but she did double down on her comments when questioned about them.

Of course, maybe Chris Evert is correct. Who can say with surety that Iga Swiatek and Carlos Alcaraz won't finish their careers with the most Grand Slam wins on their respective sides of tennis? Plus, who are we to doubt Evert?

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