Chris Evert reposts tweet slamming hate of Taylor Swift

Evert finds it ridiculous that Swift gets disrespected simply by going to football games.
Tim Clayton - Corbis/GettyImages

Let's say you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who plays a sport that takes place in a very public arena. Would you never go to a game to see them play? And let's say you are also famous and that you know by going to a game a television camera might pan your way several times and watch your reactions to your partner's play. Would that keep you from going to the game? It shouldn't, and it should not keep Taylor Swift from going either.

But the outcry of Taylor Swift going to games and being shown on television is simply ridiculous. In fact, people have sometimes chosen to pull against Swift's boyfriend, Travis Kelce and his Kansas City Chiefs, simply because they are annoyed by Swift. That is ridiculous. And thankfully, tennis icon Chris Evert agrees.

Evert has not been shy about her respect for Swift, either. After the Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game, Travis met his brother Jason at midfield and the two had a brotherly moment. Swift stepped aside so as not to take attention away from the moment. Chris Evert found this extremely respectful of the pop star and shared her thoughts on X (the artist formerly known as Twitter).

Chris Evert stands up for Taylor Swift once again (as she should)

Recently, radio show host Pat McAfee expressed his views about the hate that Swift gets by watching the Chiefs play in person (even having to write that last sentence is silly). McAfee said, "The most successful woman on earth right now happens to be dating the greatest tight end of all time. Why is everybody mad about it? I'm sick of people being mad about it. Taylor is a part of the football world now. This is good news, not bad news."

There have been several tweets posted with McAfee's words and Evert decided to endorse one of the posts by reposting it. That is because Chris Evert, like most (but not all) of us, is a rational person who understands Taylor Swift is just trying to live her best life. How sad is it that some people cannot simply try to live their best lives too instead of directing social media hate at the biggest pop star on the planet?

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