Daniil Medvedev jokingly points out the obvious in potentially facing Jannik Sinner

Medvedev and Sinner could face each other in the final at Indian Wells.
Daniel Pockett/GettyImages

Jannik Sinner has begun 2024 with 16 straight victories. That is nowhere near the record held for consecutive wins. Unsurprisingly, Novak Djokovic is the record-holder with 43. Still, winning as many matches in a row as Sinner has is extremely impressive.

His streak is more notable because of when it is happening. The beginning of a year makes for a clean break and is easy to say that since the beginning of 2024, Sinner has not lost. He will lose eventually because no player will go forever without losing a match. He could even lose at Indian Wells, of course.

But the person Sinner defeated in the final of the Australian Open in January, Daniil Medvedev, was recently asked in a press conference about Sinner's streak. Medvedev pointed out that at different times of his career, he has had two streaks of winning 20-plus matches in a row. He was not pointing that out to dismiss what Sinner is doing but to simply show his answer is one based on personal experience.

Daniil Medvedev unleashes funny remark about Jannik Sinner's success

Plus, Medvedev, a player who should be better known by the general public for his sharp and dry sense of humor, put a nice spin on the eventuality of Sinner losing. Instead of coming straight out and saying Sinner would lose, the Russian went a different way. And it was another of his classic answers.

Medvedev answered, "At one moment it always stops. I think Novak has the record, 46 or something. Still, someone stopped him...But if me or someone else is playing Jannik, I do think in the locker room doesn’t make much...So not much more to add, for sure. Confidence helps him, but there is going to be someone who will stop him. Maybe not here; maybe later. If I play him, I will try my best to win."

That last part is the best part. Surely no one watching tennis would think Medvedev would not try to win but that he points out the obvious makes his observation funnier. Plus, he does have the ability, especially on a hard court, to defeat the Italian. He likely should have in Melbourne this year.

He might also be able to defeat Sinner at Indian Wells. The players would need to meet in the final, though. That would likely be fine with most tennis fans as few matches are likely to be more entertaining than Medvedev versus Sinner.

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