Jannik Sinner causes a social media storm by winning the Australian Open

Sinner won the first Grand Slam of his career by defeating Dannil Medvedev.
Daniel Pockett/GettyImages

Jannik Sinner defeated Daniil Medvedev on Sunday to win the 2024 Australian Open. The victory is Sinner's first Grand Slam win. Since last July, Sinner has won four titles including his first Masters 1000 and his first major. Meanwhile, rival Carlos Alcaraz has not won a single tournament.

Sinner has also defeated Novak Djokovic three times in the last four meetings. This included the Italian beating the Serb in the semifinals of the Australian Open. Sinner remains No. 4 on the ATP for now, but there is a very good chance by the end of 2024 that he moves up to No. 2 or No. 1.

Jannik Sinner finished 2023 strong as well and helped Team Italy win the Davis Cup. One of the victories Sinner had in that event was over Djokovic. Sinner finished as runner-up to Djokovic in the ATP Finals. One might assume if that match was replayed now that there might be a different outcome. But how did social media react to Sinner's victory? Exactly as you might expect.

Social media goes crazy over Jannik Sinner winning the Australian Open

This tweet is probably a little - OK, a lot - over the top, but still...having Novak Djokovic put the crown on Jannik Sinner seems nice. Maybe it should have been a bit more Game of Thrones-like.

A great snippet. Watch the whole thing and you won't be disappointed. And "making of a champion" indeed.

Laver should know a thing or two about the Australian Open. After all, Sinner won the Australian Open while playing in the arena with Rod Laver's name on it. I like the "good hands" part.

What a ridiculous stat about the points. Cannot play a match much tighter than that.

Take a bow for sure. Sinner remained more calm and more poised than a player 10 years older than he. He deserved the victory.

Classy move by Carlos Alcaraz. Alcaraz has to know he and Sinner will be rivals for the next decade. Tennis would benefit if they were rivals on the court but friendly off of it.

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