Elena Rybakina is the only former Wimbledon ladies champion left in the draw

After Marketa Vondrousova and Angelique Kerber lost in the first round, Rybakina stands alone.
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Elena Rybakina is the 2022 Wimbledon Champion and the only former champion remaining in the ladies' singles draw. With Marketa Vondrousova and Angelique Kerber exiting the tournament in the first round, Rybakina stands alone.

Rybakina has an icy cool demeanor and appears unaffected by wins or losses. She was asked what Vondrousova must have been feeling with the pressure to defend her title. Rybakina answered that the pressure is always present.

When asked why Wimbledon produced seven different ladies' champions in the past seven years, Rybakina attributed that to how talented and competitive women's tennis is with great players who are established and ranked as well as upcoming young players.

Elena Rybakina is trying to embrace the joy of the moment

There is a longstanding joke/debate in the WTA locker room and among tennis media professionals that in a competition to show the least emotion on the tennis court, American Emma Navarro and Elena Rybakina would be deadlocked.

While that may be the case in the past, it appears that Rybakina is working on embracing the joy of the moment. This sounds as though Rybakina is taking a page out of Naomi Osaka's book post-maternity leave, and we are here for it.

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Rybakina gets a bad rap for her personality. She is a quiet person who prefers to do her talking with her racquet on the tennis court. Her issues with the media in the past have largely been due to the types of questions she has been asked which could and should have been better.

Professional tennis players train, travel, and play so much that they have to prioritize joy into their rigorous schedules. Rybakina would have plenty of smiles to share if she wins the Wimbledon title this year. First things first, she has a second round match scheduled against German Laura Siegemund on Thursday, July 4.

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