Fans react to recent Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal sighting

Djokovic is flying the friendly skies with Nadal, and fans can hardly believe it

Tim Clayton - Corbis/GettyImages

By now, tennis fans have seen or heard that Novak Djokovic posted a selfie with Rafael Nada on social media. The two were not practicing on a tennis court or strolling the grounds of a tennis facility. Instead, they were in the same airplane together traveling to California to prepare for Indian Wells.

How crazy is it that two of the greatest tennis players of all time are on the same commercial flight to the US? And by the way, shouldn't Nadal be headed to Las Vegas first for the Netflix Slam against Carlos Alcaraz happening days before Indian Wells if Alcaraz is healthy?

Fans had plenty of humorous reactions to this odd coincidence. They took to social media to share them.

What fans said about the Djokovic and Nadal selfie

The first concern was about Roger Federer. While Fed is traveling in Thailand enjoying the fruits of retirement, Rafa is posing for airplane selfies with Novak. The Big 3 are perceived not to be close friends, but Roger and Rafa are friendlier with one another than either seems to be with Djokovic. Second, fans wondered what other passengers thought when they saw these two on their flight. Did people ask for autographs? Or did they ask for tips on their game?

Others wondered if this is the only type of sighting we will see of the pair this year. Is it possible they will not face each other on a tennis court? It is an unsettling thought that Nadal prepared us for, indicating that he may not be competitive in Grand Slams.

It is a testament to what Djokovic and Nadal have meant to the game for two decades that this type of selfie creates a reaction. Fans love these players even more so after all these years.

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