Frances Tiafoe jokingly drops gibe on Carlos Alcaraz at Wimbledon

Alcaraz defeated Tiafoe in the third round but something said at the net after the match was noteworthy unto itself.
Frances Tiafoe and Carlos Alcaraz at Wimbledon 2024
Frances Tiafoe and Carlos Alcaraz at Wimbledon 2024 / Shi Tang/GettyImages

Carlos Alcaraz and Frances Tiafoe just need to not stop meeting this way. Though the two players have very different styles, when they face one another, their matches have become much-watch tennis. Since 2021, they have played each other three times and the last two have gone five thrilling sets.

In the third round of Wimbledon, the Spaniard got the better of the American again, but the match was certainly not easy. Alcaraz admitted after the match that except for the second set when he broke Tiafoe twice, he never felt comfortable trying to return the American's serve. Alcaraz has become one of the better returners in men's tennis so his comments about Tiafoe shouldn't be dismissed.

The American admitted to the press after the match that while the match was tough to lose, he also was proud of the way he played. Tiafoe has not had his best year on tour and slid from the top 10 on the ATP tour to nearly 30. Despite making it to the third round of Wimbledon, he might be outside the top 30 when new rankings are released after the grass-court major is done.

Frances Tiafoe delivered joking gibe to Carlos Alcaraz after loss at Wimbledon

If nothing else, the closeness of the duel with Alcaraz should be a boost to Tiafoe's confidence. He gave himself a chance to defeat the Spaniard the last two times they have met. He is clearly skilled enough to give any other player fits and will sometimes steal a match.

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While disappointed with the loss, the American never lost his sense of humor. While the players met at the net at the end of the match to shake hands, Tiafoe said Alcaraz told him, "'It’s good to see you play like that," to which Tiafoe jokingly responded, "I can't stand you."

The two players get along swimmingly off the court, however, so there was no malicious intent on behalf of Tiafoe. That he could keep his cool and be self-aware enough to know he battled the best he could only speak to the kind of person he is. After the American's comment at the net, Carlos Alcaraz smiled knowing he had won, but he still had his friend.

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