Jannik Sinner gets compared to Roger Federer by an unexpected source

Sinner won his first major title by winning the Australian Open in January.
Giampiero Sposito/GettyImages

Jannik Sinner is the king of tennis right now. How long this lasts is anyone's guess. Maybe until he loses his first match after winning the Australian Open in January. But deserves all the attention he is getting right now because he is only 22 years old, is ranked No. 4 on the ATP currently, and just won his first major.

In Melbourne, Sinner remained poised when matches were their most stressful. To be fair, Sinner did not have too many tough matches. He swept through the tournament without dropping a set until he reached the semifinals. But in the semis, Sinner defeated Novak Djokovic in four sets, and then Sinner had to come from two sets down in the final to beat Daniil Medvedev.

One of the keys to beating Medvedev was that Jannik Sinner did not allow his emotions to cause him to beat himself. Other players on tour, such as Andrey Rublev, often lose control of themselves at high-stress moments and this many times causes them to lose the match as well. Sinner's calm got the notice of someone who does not play tennis professionally but still knows what it takes to become a champion and that person sees a lot of Roger Federer in Jannik Sinner.

Jannik Sinner appears to handle himself a lot like Roger Federer

Lindsey Vonn won four World Cup championships in her skiing career and she also won a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in the downhill. Vonn knows the kind of mentality it takes to be win at a high level. While she never played professional tennis, the mental strength and focus it takes to win championships would cross sports. Vonn has also been a big fan of tennis for a long time and watched the sport closely.

When she says Sinner reminds her of Roger Federer, she knows what she is saying. She told the ATP website, "(Sinner is) just a great athlete, very smart and I'm not surprised that he won Australia. And he really reminds me of Roger (Federer), to be honest. If he's under pressure, and he's got to serve, he's got match point or something, the perspective is that if he misses the point, nothing is going to happen,"

To be fair, Vonn could be a little biased. Sinner is an avid skier and Vonn and Sinner skied together in 2022. Still, she is not wrong. Sinner's demeanor on the court does resemble Federer's. Now Sinner just needs to win 19 more Grand Slams to catch up to Federer.

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