Caroline Garcia slams recent Novak Djokovic criticism

Djokovic has gone from GOAT to done in two weeks, some think.
Andy Cheung/GettyImages

We all remember Novak Djokovic, right? He was once seen by many as the greatest player ever and someone who had a chance to win every Grand Slam event. I wonder what he is doing now that his career is over.

The above sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? And yet many on social media have voiced their opinion that Djokovic is probably done being the best player on the planet simply because Djokovic lost to Jannik Sinner in the Australian Open. Are the other top players on the ATP tour catching up to the Serb? Maybe, but let's not rush to judgment that Djokovic won't keep winning majors.

After all, Djokovic did make the semifinals in Melbourne and he lost to a player that is playing the best tennis of his career. Sinner has the potential to reach No. 1 on the ATP tour and stay there for a while. There is no shame in losing to the 22-year-old Italian and Djokovic has lost to Sinner in three of their last four meetings.

Novak Djokovic is likely not done winning Grand Slams yet

But those in the know believe it's silly to think the 24-time Grand Slam winner's career is forever changed and basically over. Caroline Garcia is one of those people. After reading social media react to Djokovic's loss and questioning his ability to win at a high level, Garcia voiced her own thoughts.

In a tweet, Garcia said, "I was scrolling a bit and basically Djokovic was the GOAT 2 weeks ago, still so young, moving so well beyond of this age, going for an other Slam once again, a true inspiration. And now he is too old, we are in a complete new era, he is finished for tennis…this is funny."

Of course, Garcia was being tongue-in-cheek. The criticism is not funny, but simply wrong. Maybe Novak Djokovic has not started 2024 as well as he does most years, but in his last ATP event prior to the Australian Open, the 2023 ATP Finals, he won. Thinking he will go from being the best player to suddenly not competing for majors in the span of two months is a bit ridiculous.

He should probably still be the favorite in two of the three Grand Slams left in 2024. If he fails to win Wimbledon or the US Open then people can discuss his future further. But commenting now that he is done is simply recency bias without any long-term facts.

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