Jannik Sinner should ask if you are entertained after beating Grigor Dimitrov

Sinner now has won three titles in 2024.

Jannik Sinner has been a comer for a few years now. But by the end of 2023, he seemed to be reaching the beginning of his peak form. This should be scary for the rest of the tennis world because even a normal Sinner was still good enough to beat most players. But now he understands which shots he needs to hit, what players are trying to do against him, and how much he needs to move.

He absolutely destroyed a very good Daniil Medvedev in the semifinals of the Miami Open as Medvedev won just three games against the Italian. This tied for the fewest the Russian had ever won on the ATP tour. But the key is Medvedev wasn't playing poorly, the score was simply an indication of how well Sinner was playing.

Sinner is now 22-1 in 2024 with his only loss to Carlos Alcaraz at Indian Wells after defeating Grigor Dimitrov in the Miami Open final 6-3 6-1. He is 42-3 since the 2023 US Open. The only blemish in his Miami Open victory might be that he did not have a chance to revenge his loss to Alcaraz in Miami. Would he rather have faced the Spaniard than Dimitrov? Maybe, but Sinner is such a nice guy that he would never admit that.

Jannik Sinner defeats Grigor Dimitrov in Miami Open final

And partly that is the only shame with either Sinner defeating Dimitrov or Dimitrov beating Sinner. Both players are excellent at the sport, of course, but both are really good people and humble in victory. Tennis fans likely do not want either to lose.

Also of note is that Grigor Dimitrov did not play poorly. Sure, he made many more unforced errors on his backhand than did Sinner midway through the second set, but Sinner also had literally made zero. That was part of the incredibility of Sinner's play; even Dimitrov at his best was two notches below what Sinner was capable of. In the last two matches in Miami, there might not have been any player ever who could have beaten him.

But Sinner is also just 22 years old and still ascending. He will be No. 2 when the ATP rankings come out on Monday. He could compete for many Grand Slam titles and be one of the better players the sport has ever seen. That might be jumping too far ahead, of course, but based on Sinner's ability to defend as well as his power from both wings, unless he suffers an injury (one, of course, hopes not) then he should win at an all-time high level.

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