Jannik Sinner goes full Novak Djokovic mode after loss to Carlos Alcaraz

Sinner lost in the French Open semifinals against Alcaraz but his reaction to the loss was a perfect impersonation of Djokovic.
Jannik Sinner at the French Open
Jannik Sinner at the French Open / Clive Brunskill/GettyImages

There were going to be questions about Jannik Sinner's hip, no matter if he won or lost against Carlos Alcaraz in the semifinals of the French Open. The questions about his injury had lingered for most of the month of May after he had to withdraw from the Italian Open. Would Sinner even play at Roland Garros, some asked? Why would he?

The truth is that Sinner was going to likely be a winner even if he did not step foot on the red clay of Paris. He was ranked No. 2 on the ATP and had a good chance of overtaking No. 1 if Novak Djokovic did not defend his title at Roland Garros. The Serb had not reached a final in 2024 so his winning in Paris seemed unlikely.

Djokovic, unfortunately, had to withdraw from the French Open before his quarterfinal match after it was confirmed he had torn his meniscus. Maybe he would have won the event because one cannot truly count out the Serb ever. The injury kept us from ever knowing.

Jannik Sinner pulls his best Novak Djokovic in comments about Carlos Alcaraz

Novak Djokovic has never been one to blame an injury or poor form on a loss, though. Other players, such as Holger Rune, more often say that something they did was the reason they did not win. Djokovic has never liked to take credit away from an opponent after he dropped a match.

After Sinner lost to Alcaraz, a rivalry that is just beginning but will likely be the talk of men's tennis for many years into the future, the Italian was asked about his hip. Sinner could have easily responded by saying the ailment held him back and he could not play his best. He didn't say that, however, and instead gave his best Djokovic-type answer and praised Alcaraz.

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In his post-match press conference, Sinner said, "I think it was a great match. For sure the sets he won he played better in the important points, no? I think that was the key...The hip was okay...Sometimes I feel it a little bit, especially after two-and-a-half hours and until the four hours, but this is no excuse. I was moving good. I was feeling quite good on the court. So I’m not any more worried about the hip."

That is a classy answer from a classy young player. His comments are also truthful: Alcaraz played better in the bigger moments. Maybe that does not happen next time. The great part for tennis fans is that we should be able to see a lot of "net times" between Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz.

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