Jannik Sinner proves he is the best player on ATP tour after beating Alex de Minaur

Sinner won his fifth title since August by winning in Rotterdam.
BSR Agency/GettyImages

Jannik Sinner simply doesn't lose much anymore. Since last August, he has won five titles, including winning the Australian Open, his first Grand Slam victory. After defeating Alex de Minaur in the final of the ABN AMRO Open on Sunday 7-5 6-4 (no small feat as de Minaur is playing like a top-five player right now), Sinner might have a firm grasp on who the best player currently on the ATP tour is.

He will move up to No. 3 in the ATP rankings on Monday. Those ahead of him are No. 1 Novak Djokovic and No. 2 Carlos Alcaraz. Alcaraz has not won a tournament since last July when he took the Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic. In three of the last four meetings with Djokovic, Sinner has won. This includes a semifinal victory in Melbourne.

Maybe it took Sinner a few years to completely figure out what he needed to do to consistently find ways to win, but he is only 22 years old. Plus, there is nothing wrong with going through a few growing pains and learned to deal with losing. Carlos Alcaraz seems to be struggling a bit with that apsect of tennis now as Alcaraz was not used to not winning until August of last year.

Jannik Sinner appears to be the true No. 1 after in Rotterdam

Sinner moves around the court as well as any player. He has excellent pace and placement and his touch seems to be getting better with every tournament. He does quite have Alcaraz's touch, but Sinner seems to make better decisions than the Spaniard. The Italian knows when to attack and when to let the match come to him a bit.

In fact, while Alcaraz is overaggressive at times, Sinner plays fairly close to Djokovic's style. There is nothing Sinner doesn't do well, though, like Djokovic had to, the Italian's serve is not yet perfect. But that part of his game is improving as well.

While Sinner might only be ranked No. 3, in reality, he currently is the true No. 1. Now the question is whether he can continue that into the clay court season. Plus, he needs to win another major this year to truly claim the ATP thrown. He shouldn't be counted out of any event, however.

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