Judy Murray sets the record straight on Andy Murray's 2024 Wimbledon aspirations

Andy Murray's mom encourages everyone not to believe everything they read
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Judy Murray is once again coming to her son Andy Murray's defense. Andy Murray was reportedly not going to be physically able to play Wimbledon after his surgical procedure; however, Judy is letting everyone know that they may not be the case.

To begin with, she is not happy with the private medical information that was leaked from presumably a trusted souce in the Murray inner circle. That aside, Judy said on social media not to count Andy out yet. As of now, his hopes of playing in Wimbledon are still alive.

Judy Murray and Andy Murray's relationship is what all of us mothers who have sons hope our adult relationship morphs into. They share wit, affection, and sarcasm, but when it comes down to it, Judy has Andy's back (pun intended).

Judy Murray has come to Andy Murray's defense before

Judy Murray has jumped into the social media foray on behalf of her son in other instances, most notably, in the relentless and unfair questioning of Andy after every loss about his pending retirement.

Judy told the world to let Andy play for as long as he wants to and to stop asking him the retirement question.

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As usual, Mama Murray is correct. Everyone needs to learn (or re-learn) another lesson from her. Do not believe everything you read on the internet. Sometimes, trusted sources are not so trusted, and until we hear from Andy or Judy, we should not rule out Andy Murray for a 2024 Wimbledon appearance that British fans dearly want and are praying for.

Andy Murray is a tennis legend and two-time Wimbledon champion, and Emma Raducanu captures his essence perfectly.

Prior to his surgery, Andy Murray committed to playing singles and doubles with his brother Jamie Murray at Wimbledon. Wimbledon begins on July 1 (with the Wimbledon draw occuring on June 28) so Murray has six days to assess his health and figure out what his plans are.

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