Wimbledon is noncommittal on plans to honor Andy Murray

Fans looking for a massive 2024 tribute to the Scot will have to wait to see what happens
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In the past year, much of the press coverage surrounding Andy Murray, 37, has been unfairly focused on when he plans to retire. Even his mother, Judy Murray was tired of hearing it. She told the tennis media and fanbase to let him play as long as he wanted without the barrage of questions about when he would no longer play.

These same fans have good reason to believe that this will be Murray's final Wimbledon Championships so they would like to see the Scottish two-time Wimbledon champion (2013, 2016) and two-time Olympic singles gold medalist (2012 at Wimbledon and 2016 at Rio) honored in front of the home crowd at July's championships.

Andy Murray's career from 2010-2016 was legendary. He was either a Grand Slam finalist or champion each year (including the 2012 US Open) and was a member of the Big Four going toe to toe with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic. In recent years, he dealt with health issues that required a special level of perseverance unique to him. Murray deserves to be honored, but the All England Club is not certain if a celebration of Murray's career will happen this year.

What Wimbledon is planning for Andy Murray

Wimbledon is following the lead of the French Open in how the tournament handled Rafael Nadal's presence in the draw. Wimbledon is prepared to do something, but only if Andy Murray wants it.

We do not know whether Murray will agree to a celebration at this year's tournament. He is expected to be in both the singles and doubles draws. To the delight of many, Andy will play doubles with his brother Jamie Murray.

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If Murray does not choose to have Wimbledon conduct an event this year, the tournament could always do what it did for Roger Federer. Federer was honored in 2023, months after his official retirement from tennis and two years removed from his match on Centre Court.

Andy Murray will always be an icon, especially on the sacred grounds of the All England Club. It does not matter when he chooses to have the celebration. It will be an exciting event that he has earned on his own terms.

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