Maria Sharapova shares embarrassing video of herself with 2024 Australian Open champion Jannik Sinner

Sharapova congratulates Sinner on social media by dropping the video of herself with him
Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Tennis fans were in their glory on Sunday when Jannik Sinner won his maiden Grand Slam, coming from two sets down to defeat Daniil Medvedev. There were a slew of congratulatory messages from people from all walks of life for the newly crowned Australian Open champion.

Most were the standard messages of happiness and support for Sinner accomplishing the career-defining task of becoming a Grand Slam champion.

Then, there was another one that stuck out because it paired Sinner with retired tennis legend Maria Sharapova. Have I been living under a rock? I did not know these two even knew one another. Obviously, they do, and Sharapova has video footage of one of their silly moments together.

What Jannik Sinner and Maria Sharapova were doing in the video

Many fans would assume they would be playing tennis. That's not the case. The two appear outside in some unspecified location wearing coats and reindeer ears. As a bonus, Sinner's reindeer ears are connected to glasses. Without turning the sound up on the video, a logical person would assume they were doing the "Macarena" or some other dance. However, the audio proves otherwise. The pair are singing "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree."

How did Sharapova tie this video to his Sinner's congratulatory message? She included this priceless caption. "I knew that one day you'll regret this. Congrats Champ!! patience, poise & class"

Sinner shows us yet again what a genuinely good soul and kind person he is. He was so gracious in victory, and everyone who spends time with him talks about what a great guy, he is. This shows him as a light-hearted funny guy away from the court. I love that he and Sharapova are friends. Hopefully, she has more singing videos in her arsenal for his future Grand Slam victory messages.

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