Peyton Stearns' crazy and unforgettable comeback in Rabat

After Stearns narrowly escaped defeat, she shared what she was thinking during the comeback
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Tennis fans sometimes turn off the television on matches they think are apparently all but over. That was probably the case when Peyton Stearns mounted an epic comeback in Rabat to reach the semifinals.

Stearns was playing defending champion Lucia Bronzetti. Each player won a set with Stearns taking the first and Bronzetti the second. In the third set, Bronzetti jumped out to a 5-0 lead with a 40-30 score in the sixth game and a match point.

Then the magic happened. Stearns saved two match points and ticked off a seven game winning streak to take the final set 7-5 and to win the match.

What Peyton Stearns told herself when she was down and seemingly out

Stearns' attitude and response are typical of the most successful professional athletes. They can compartmentalize and focus in unique ways. In her case, she told herself that "she already lost so any extra point was just practice."

It turns out she was wrong; she had not already lost and potentially saved her best tennis of the tournament for that seven game run.

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Stearns is a fighter, we have seen that quality in her since her NCAA playing days at the University of Texas. She probably would prefer some easier wins but if forced to go the distance, she has proven that she might be down but never out.

She has yet to win her maiden WTA title so it would be especially appropriate if Rabat would be her first. If it is not meant to be, Stearns will definitely win her maiden WTA title soon. Stearns turned professional in June 2022. Her best Grand Slam result was at the 2023 French Open when she advanced to the third round. She is 16-19 since joining the WTA Tour, and eight of those wins have come on clay.

Cheers to Peyton Stearns for sharing a winning attitude with all of us while staring down defeat.

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