Roger Federer hits the slopes with a famous ski partner

Federer is holding his own on the slopes with an elite skier
Clive Brunskill/GettyImages

Days after, we shared Rafael Nadal's amazing stamina in the swimming pool, we have a new sports story of a famous tennis player doing a sport he is not known for. Roger Federer, now retired and able to do things he never could do while playing on the ATP Tour, took to the slopes recently with a famous ski partner.

Federer was holding his own with her as both skied down the hill. Who was his famous friend? It was none other than Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn. The Swedish-born Federer is not a ski novice. Skiing is a more popular pastime in Switzerland, home of the Swiss Alps, than tennis.

Fans are happy to see Federer globetrotting around the world, attending rock concerts, doing philanthropic work, and being happy. Some have a wish list of what Federer's next job should be.

What should Federer do next

While the short answer is that Federer can do whatever he wants at this point in his life, tennis fans have an idea of how to bring him back into the game. He could take over as Team Europe's captain at the Laver Cup.

They believe that Bjorn Borg's tenure should end, and Federer should replace him. Federer would have intimate knowledge of the Team World players because he likely faced all of them during his career. Federer loves the Laver Cup event (and is a co-founder of it) so it would not be out of character for him to want a role in its future.

It was such an important event to him personally. Laver Cup is where he chose to end his playing career in 2022. A fitting next chapter for Federer would be as a captain for the event. It seems unlikely that Bjorn Borg is going anywhere soon so this will remain a wish for fans while Federer continues to hone his skiing skills.

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