Roger Federer names the one word of advice he would give to any young tennis player

When an all-time great player speaks, one should do this one thing.

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Roger Federer is not only one of the best tennis players ever, he is likely one of the classiest people to ever pick up a racket. He rarely has a harsh word for anyone and chooses to rise above any fray. While Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have sometimes bickered via media outlets, Federer, one of the Big 3, does not seem to take sides nor does he truly into the debate as far as the best player ever.

The Swiss is seemingly just trying to be the best person he can be and that is far more important, of course. He recently gave an interview, for instance, on the Greek outlet Cosmote TV and was asked about Stefanos Tsitsipas who has been struggling over the last half-year. Instead of trashing Tsitsipas' focus or attitude toward the sport, Federer simply said, "Of course, Tsitsipas is still doing well, and I hope he can do great this year and have another breakthrough."

Again, Roger Federer is pure class. He will offer critiques when asked, but they are rooted in what might be best for a person and not in tearing someone down. In other words, Federer is different from most of the rest of humanity and that is a very good thing.

Roger Federer has simple advice for young players

Federer was also asked about what advice he might give to young players still finding their way in the sport. His response was simple but sometimes the most simplistic things are the most difficult. If one heeds Federer's suggestion, however, maybe it would be easier.

His advice to young players was, "Listen to your coach, listen to your parents, work hard, enjoy it, and don’t get too frustrated if it doesn’t go well."

The most important part of that is just to "listen." With tennis, or really anything in which one is working diligently to get better, it is easy for one to get in one's own head and let whatever the problems are build. Overthinking is easy to do and difficult to overcome.

Of course, the other part of what Federer said that should be noted is to just enjoy what one is doing. If things are not going well, learn to relax and things might improve. Maybe Federer should write a self-help book.

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