Roger Federer's new Amazon Prime Video documentary gets a release date

The documentary is called 'Twelve Final Days'
Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

Roger Federer's new Amazon Prime Video documentary, Twelve Final Days, has a title that might resemble more of a zombie film instead of a doc about tennis. To be fair, the idea of high-level tennis players jokingly dressing up as zombies and doing whatever zombies do might make good fodder for a Halloween spoof, but Federer's documentary will be much more emotional. The doc is about the end of Federer's career.

Specifically, literally the final twelve days of his career and the events surrounding the 2022 Laver Cup when the Swiss great said goodbye to professional tennis. He asked his greatest rivals to take part - Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, and, of course, Rafael Nadal, among them - and if you know anything about how Federer's Laver Cup run ended you are going to need to have some Kleenex handy.

The full title of the documentary is called Federer: Twelve Final Days and the trailer features Fed narrating the retirement message he had posted on social media prior to the Laver Cup. Obviously, you won't want to tune in simply to hear Federer give his message; anyone can hear that on a social media platform.

Roger Federer's Federer: Twelve Final Days has a release date

No, it is the behind-the-scenes stuff that tennis fans want to see and know. How did his more private interactions with Nadal and, maybe, Djokovic go? We cannot be sure what the documentary will fully consist of, of course, but we do hope those parts are in the doc.

The great news is that fans now know when Federer: Twelve Final Days will be released for streaming on Amazon Prime Video and that is June 20.

The trailer for the documentary also features Roger's wife, Mirka, speaking about the end of her husband's career. The hope is that she talks even more deeply about the course of his career, not just the end of it.

Federer had a fantastic 2017, but by 2022 his knees were too much of an issue and kept him from playing near his peak. But Federer was always a classy person and this is one reason he is so beloved. This likely will come through in the documentary as well.

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