Tennis News: Danielle Collins swiftly rises and Novak Djokovic gets defended

  • There is no stopping Collins
  • The Djokovic narrative falsehoods
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Danielle Collins is having possibly her best year in her final year of playing professional tennis. The 32-year-old announced early in 2024 that she would not be playing into 2025. At the time, that was only a big deal if you were a Danielle Collins fan as she did not seem capable of being an overly dangerous player on the WTA tour anymore. That assumption was completely wrong.

Collins has already moved up from No. 63 to No. 15 and in the WTA live rankings she sits at No. 12. She is still playing in the Italian Open, however. She could potentially move up to her career high of No. 7 by the end of her run in Rome. But why assume she will stop there?

Collins is a versatile player who has proven this season she can win on any surface. She had two career titles entering 2024 and has doubled that. While she is dealing with chronic health issues, she appears the healthiest she has been in years. That might not last long, but for Collins, it doesn't need to in terms of tennis career.

Danielle Collins close to personal best and Novak Djokovic hate continues

Because she knows she is retiring, she appears to be playing more freely and more focused. She is racing to the end but reaching career goals along the way. One likely wishes Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic could finish their careers with the same flush.

Speaking of Djokovic, there has long been a narrative that he is not well-liked among his peers. Maybe this is due to the coolness between the Serb and Rafael Nadal, but other players such as Grigor Dimitrov clearly like Djokovic. Possibly those trying to control the false narrative of Djokovic do not know him at all.

This is what former world doubles No. 1 Paul McNamee believes. In a recent tweet about Djokovic, McNamee wrote, "Djokovic is variously described as divisive and insincere. Of course, that’s from people who don’t know him. If you want the reality, ask the locker room. That’s where he is the MAN… highly respected and popular. So perhaps check with his peers?"

That is exactly the point, right? Why do so many judge Djokovic (or Nadal or any other person) if they do not know him? One cannot also trust everything they see on social media either. Instead of judging Djokovic, maybe we should just be appreciative of his tennis greatness.

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