Sam Querrey's hilarious take on Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz's Netflix Slam fees

Retirement from the ATP tour has only sharpened the 2017 US Open quarterfinalist's sense of humor

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At next week's Netflix Slam, the live event featuring Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal, there are opportunities for fans to hit with Alcaraz, Nadal, and other ATP players. The cost for a private session with Alcaraz or Nadal is reportedly $150,000. That would be the thrill of a lifetime for tennis fans albeit a pricey one.

Retired ATP tennis player and 2017 US Open quarterfinalist Sam Querrey will also be at the event, participating in clinics with fellow American retired player John Isner for the bargain basement price of $2,000. In a social media video, Querrey calls this price "the steal of the century."

Querrey, 36, now playing professional pickleball, has ideas on how to earn a tennis fan's $150,000. Spoiler alert: the list is comprehensive, and makes us wish we had that kind of cash sitting around.

What Querrey is offering

For $150,000, Querrey says he will walk the dog, fold laundry, do taxes, make lunch, give lessons on making "amazing" social media content, and tuck you in at night. As for the tennis portion of his services, he will give you psychological lessons on how not to win a major and how to play pickleball.

Querrey's group and individual prices are the best deal going. Group clinics with Nadal and Alcaraz are going for $50,000. Taylor Fritz and Frances Tiafoe's group clinics are $25,000.

There was some doubt last week after Alcaraz rolled his ankle in his opening round match in Rio if he would be able to play Nadal in the Netflix Slam. Thankfully, the injury was not serious so the event can proceed as scheduled. It is the first live-streaming tennis event featuring two of the biggest names in the sport so it will be interesting to see how much viewership it receives.

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