Serena Williams shares daughter Olympia's growing understanding of her tennis career

Six-year-old Olympia likes her special part of her mom's legendary tennis resume
Quinn Rooney/GettyImages

It is Mother's Day 2024 so in honor of the day and the sport we all love, we are catching up with the most famous United States player/mom we know, Serena Williams.

Williams recently talked about motherhood in the context of her six-year-old daughter Olympia's evolving understanding of her tennis career.

Olympia sat on her father Alexis's lap as a baby and toddler as Serena rejoined the tennis tour after giving birth in September 2017. While the crowds, lights, and attention on her mother were visible to her, she was too young to comprehend her mother's legendary status in the sport.

Olympia is now figuring out Serena's dominance in tennis

Serena describes Olympia's growing understanding in an adorable way. She said Olympia occasionally asks her how good she was in tennis, and Serena downplays it. Olympia counters by saying that she was really good and understands that Serena's fame began from her success in the game.

Olympia's favorite part of Serena's tennis story is the small part she plays in the family affair that was the 2017 Australian Open final, Serena's last Grand Slam win against Aunt Venus (Williams). Unbeknownst to anyone but Serena, Venus, and her family, Serena was pregnant with Olympia during that tournament so Olympia is thrilled to have been part of the ride.

Serena is a good role model for daughters Olympia and Adira born in fall 2023. She is an entrepreneur with so many business and sports interests that it will take years for her daughters to fully grasp her legacy both on and off-the-court.

She is occasionally seen at tennis matches supporting Venus or attending as a fan and friend, most recently at the 2024 Miami Open. She also has been a regular attendee at the Met Gala and famously announced her pregnancy by showing up with a baby bump in 2023. She hilariously could not link up for a group picture with fellow tennis greats Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams at this year's event. Though she does not live totally out of the limelight, it is clear that her favorite job these days is as a mom to her two girls, something we love to see.

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