Social media goes berserk over Carlos Alcaraz winning the French Open

Alcaraz won his first French Open on Sunday and social media reacted accordingly.
Carlos Alcaraz at the French Open
Carlos Alcaraz at the French Open / Clive Brunskill/GettyImages

The headline of this article might simply be copied and pasted many times into the future. Maybe we should have added a year to the title so we could keep it separate from the other French Open titles Carlos Alcaraz is likely to win. Social media will likely go insane every time he wins.

Many of the congrats below are from former players. A couple knows what it is like to win at Roland Garros. Nothing probably beats the first time, though.

After defeating Alexander Zverev in the final, Alcaraz has now won three Grand Slams on every surface that tennis holds its majors on - hard, grass, and clay. No carpet majors! The only Grand Slam Alcaraz has not won (yet) is the Australian Open.

Social media reacts to Carlos Alcaraz winning the French Open

Iga Swiatek knows a few things about winning the French Open, too, of course. She is only two years older than Alcaraz and has won three more titles at Roland Garros. Let's see who wins more by the time each is 30. (My guess is that it will be Swiatek.)

Laver, who likely would have won a bunch of French Opens but he most played in an era that bridged the amateur years to the Open years, always takes the classy way of things. He congratulated both Swiatek and Alcaraz at the same time. Both champions and both should get equal respect.

Ben Stiller is much more than a celebrity. He has been a huge fan of tennis seemingly forever. He is an unabashed Nadal fan, but he often shows up at tournaments, big and small.

Fish is right in the aspect that the players made the event great. The officials and rain? Not so much. Ultimately, however, tournaments are only as good as the players were.

This is a post from a handle or site instead of one human being, but it's still cool. It is easy to forget that Alcaraz is a bit of a kid himself. His happiness is clearly contagious.

Coco Gauff slams French Open over Novak Djokovic. dark. Next. Coco Gauff slams French Open over Novak Djokovic

A bit of the passing of the proverbial torch here. Nadal congratulates his fellow countryman on his first-ever French Open win. Only 13 more to go to catch Rafa!

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