Tennis News: Aryna Sabalenka mocks Danielle Collins and Caroline Garcia complains

  • Sabalenka and Collins scream
  • Garcia has an interesting complaint
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Danielle Collins had been on quite the run of success over the last couple of months entering the Madrid Masters. In her final year on the tour, she is arguably playing the best tennis of her career. Maybe she knows she can relax because she knows there is no tennis in 2025 and everything she does now is the proverbial gravy. Plus, she has already accomplished things this year she had never done before such as winning a Masters 1000 event.

Collins, not that she likely cares, can also be off-putting to some players because of her constant screams of, "Let's go!" While this is meant to pump herself up, another player might find Collins yelling as a sign of disrespect. Aryna Sabalenka, Collins' opponent in her fourth-round match in Madrid, does not like to be disrespected.

During the first set and with Collins leading 5-3 and trying to serve out the set, Collins hit an ace and yelped, "Let's go!" extremely loudly. On the very next point, which Sabalenka won with a backhand cross-court winner, the Belarusian yelled, "Let's go!" Clearly, there was intent behind what Sabalenka did as well because, while Sabalenka does scream after points, she is not one to scream Collins' normal phrase.

Aryna Sabalenka seems to mock Danielle Collins and Caroline Garcia has a beef

Sabalenka did not go away easily either. While Collins won the first set, the Belarusian came back to take the next two sets and win the match. The loss ended Collins' 15-match winning streak.

Speaking of losing, Caroline Garcia seems at a loss for why the Madrid Masters would last for almost two weeks. Her main complaint about the event seemed to be that she only was scheduled for two matches in the first week. This is an odd complaint because many players argue there should be better scheduling of matches, especially in terms of matches not going so late, and not having to play so many matches back-to-back.

This has not been an issue at the Madrid Masters who seemingly, and logically, spaced as much time between matches for players as they could. Sure, there have been multiple occasions when a player has had to play on back-to-back days, but there still has been adequate time between the matches for recovery.

Garcia, though, does not see the scheduling in Madrid as very good. She also lost in her second match at the event so maybe that has clouded her judgement as well.

Garcia said in a post-match press conference, "We've been here for a week and we've played two matches. It moves slowly, you don't do much, you wait...This format is a bit frustrating. Some might resonate with it, but I can’t."

Had she won a few more matches in Madrid, she might feel differently, however. While she only had a one-week stay in Madrid, some players are happily staying almost two weeks because they kept winning.

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